Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Please Stop. Seriously.

I follow a lot of diet and weight loss blogs on here and Tumblr, and I have been noticing so many common typos that I finally have to rant about them. Granted, these mistakes don't occur on every blog I follow--in fact, many are from sites I've just happened upon--and my complaints aren't with those whose primary language isn't English. Lord knows that if I attempt to converse in any language other than my native tongue I will make plenty of mistakes. (Speaking of which, is it just me, or does the English language seem backwards when compared to almost any other language on Earth? By this I mean our sentence structures, such as where we place the subject, verb, etc.)

Anyway, to get to my point, here are the most common (and maddening) errors I see:

Weigh versus weight or weighed - I weigh x amount, NOT I weight x amount. For example, people will write something like this way too often: "Hi, I'm so-and-so and I weight xxx lbs." NO! NO! NO! YOU DO NOT WEIGHT XXX LBS! YOU WEIGH XXX LBS! Of course, you may alternately use the word "weight" by saying something like "my weight is xxx lbs." It's also necessary to mention that "weighed" is the past tense of "weigh", so "I weight myself today" is so completely wrong and will make you sound super illiterate (once again, this applies to native speakers only). What you should have typed was, "I weighed myself today".

Lose versus Loose - lose means you lost something; loose means something is too big. So, you can "lose" weight; you cannot "loose" weight. Your pants can be too "loose", however, they cannot be too "lose". Get it? Please???

These drive me nuts like the other commonly mistaken words: it's versus its, there versus their versus they're, your versus you're...UGH!!! (Now hopefully I didn't make a laughable mistake during my holier than though sounding rant, because that would just figure, wouldn't it?)


  1. *Haha* :)

    These mistakes... unbelievable!

    Maybe for a native german it sounds right, (like the german grammar) hmmm?!?! :P

  2. calm down. but americans are so good in learning foreign languages ... haha. how many languages do you speak ?! spnaish ... and what else ?! i would love to here a judgement by a native speaker about your spanish;) So, just give the people a try. It's just good will.

    And i don't need a correction for this comment :D i just want you to understand me ;)

  3. OMG I wish I spoke Spanish. I know how to count to 10 in Spanish and a few words here and there; barely enough to form a sentence. This is made even worse because I live right by Mexico and it would make sense if I were bilingual in both Spanish and English, but no. I took 1 1/2 years of German in high school and another year in college, plus a semester of French. I never speak either one so I would have a hard time carrying on a conversation in either language (and I know native speakers would laugh at me, that's why my grammar rant only applied to those who are 100% fluent in English; the last thing I want to be is a hypocrite).

    American schools should have us learn foreign languages when we're little kids, but that's just one of the many things that bother me about them. My German friend knows four languages to my one, which I'm sure both you girls do, as well. Don't worry though, my blog won't be turning into a rant & rave blog. I will be posting pictures next time, I promise. :)

  4. last sentence was mean. you know, it's not that you shouldn't criticise grammar mistakes... but there are so many things which are much more important u should criticise. e.g. politics ... ^^

    and by the way, mexico is a beautiful country =)

    Weiterhin viel Erfolg.
    Grüße, Coeur

  5. Wow! I didn't know that about weigh and weight, thanks for your post!!^^
    And I think in the same way as you. I'm Spanish and I hate Spanish people making grammar mistakes, what is quite common, especially in young people.
    I hope you understand me :)

  6. Coeur: Mean? About posting pictures? I didn't mean that to come off rude like I was implying no one could understand what I was saying; I only meant that since this is primarily a thinspo blog, people probably aren't coming here to read about things that annoy me. Otherwise you're right, there are far more aggravating things to complain about. Don't even get me started on politics, especially with the way the world views the U.S. right now, and with good reason. I would never be bitchy to my followers! (Well, maybe if they were complete assholes to me or other people on here, but since that hasn't been the case, I totally appreciate all of you who take the time to come to my blog and interact with me!)

    Phoenix: I understand you perfectly! I'm glad I'm not the only one who is annoyed by grammar mistakes. It's like slang/text speak has taken over the world, and it makes me feel like a little old lady chastising the children about their improper speech, but it drives me crazy! <3

  7. Haha, I'm like that -I got given a book called "my grammar and i - or should that be me?" For Christmas :) that's what I get for being an A* English student (not to blow my own trumpet haha) makes it worse when people do pick up on mistakes though :P just blame auto-correct haha xx